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Our devices are very much easy and compatible to install and to maintain. We provide best qudiance .
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Our Products are designed in such a way to give the maximum output to the end user.
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All our products are unqiue designs and models in the market for the best affordable price.
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For all our products we provide 24x7 support and assitance to perform well and to give best results.
Our core features
We provide you the best solution for your power problem.
  • Electrolyte level indicator used with double venting system provides free release of gas.
  • High acid volume per ampere hour.
  • Specially designed container with extra MUD RIBS height avoids internal short circuits of plates.
  • All Batteries are FACTORY CHARGED by PLC controlled charge / discharge machine which ensures unique charging and also longer life.
  • Most sutiable for deep cycle application.
  • Tough Battery with thicker plates for tough condition
  • Conforms to IS 13369 - 1992
We provide the best quality solutions for any class.


Model Voltage Capacity @ 27°C when discharged @C - 20 Length
LJT 80 12V 80Ah 520 270 290 48.5
LJT 100 12V 100Ah 520 270 290 50.0
LJT 120 12V 120Ah 520 270 290 53.0
LJT 150 12V 150Ah 520 270 290 54.0


Model Voltage Capacity @ 27°C when discharged @C - 20 Length
LTT 100 12V 100Ah 505 190 428 53.0
LTT 130 12V 130Ah 505 190 428 56.0
LTT 150 12V 150Ah 505 190 428 58.0
LTT 180 12V 180Ah 505 190 428 62.0
LTT 200 12V 200Ah 505 190 428 65.0
We provide the best solutions
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Our Quality Policy

Laurus Battery is strongly assured for the total quality and best performance by our in-house online and offline quality control checkups at our well equipped analytical, chemical, physical as well as electrical laboratory.

We strictly maintains all standard quality norms for the raw material used and finished product manufactured under technical assistance of highly experienced experts to satisfy our end user.

We use this imported automic absorption spectrometer to check the quality of Raw material(Lead,Gray Oxide, Acid,D-M Water etc.,)

About us
Our story began in 1993

Avigna Power Systems is manufacturing batteries under the brand name "LAURUS".

Mr.K.B.Chinchane is spearheading the Company in his position as the Managing Director. He has over 21 years of experience in the Battery industry. Under his able leadership, the Company is progressing exponentially.

A first generation technocrat entrepreneur, he has over 21 years of experience in battery manufacturing, marketing and post sale services from his prior association with Leading brands in India Like Exide and Amarraja. In his initial career, Mr.K.B.Chinchane served in Standard Furakwa and then in Exide Industries Ltd. in various senior positions. He has International Exposure, too, as he had worked with Yuvasa Battery Ltd.Tanzania (East Africa). He has also attended many seminars, conferences at various places in India and abroad.

He holds a degree in Engineering in Electricals & Electronics from the University of Mysore.

The other team members are experts in their respective fields of research, production and marketing with vast experience in the industry. The company has also engaged few consultants who are quite renowned names in the techno-expert community with over many decades of experience in advisory and research capacities in the fields of battery manufacturing.

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State of Art Infrastructure :

Avigna Power Systems has a state of art manufacturing unit at Khopoli in Raigad district of Maharashtra. The Company has been focusing on its policy of offering its customer best products at competitive rates. The company's motive is to constantly improve the quality of its products and services. It is not any other small scale battery manufacturing unit. The factory is equipped with all the modern machineries to manufacture highest quality batteries. Some of the specialities of the company's manufacturing unit are as follows.

  • The back-up capacity and the life of a battery mainly depend on the quality of the raw materials used for its manufacturing. The company has a facility to check the purity of the raw materials like Lead Alloy, Grey Oxide, Acid etc. These raw materials are checked by imported Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.
  • It has a well set up Chemical Lab which helps to check the product quality at each stage of production.
  • It has an Electrical Lab to check capacity and efficiency of the batteries.
  • We have state of Art Charging Facility with Automatic Charger (programmable Logic Control) which ensures proper charging of batteries.
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